42 Days

By A.L. Kennedy

It takes three days to make you insane. We've practised - Cold War exercise, calibrations developed through time–balancing between deaths – all by the book - we do have a book. We know how. You are much more permeable than you think. Lack of sight, sound, touch, sleep. Heat and Cold. We do not need to hurt you, but we might.-

In a week you will tell us what we want to hear. Not facts. Just what we want. We will beguile each other. You will pervert us. We will let you. We will punish you for it.

In a month the fantasy we make will be solid, exhilarating. It is death and vengeance and makes us happy in our fear. The ticking clock has stopped clicking. Reality has left us in Jack Bauer’s pocket.

In 42 days we will have made you different. You may be charged, you may be released. You will always be different. We will always be in how you think. We do not need to hurt you. We will steal you from yourself.