The non-mathematician contemplates day three of 42 days

By Salley Vickers

Day three, and only thirty nine days to go.
Thirty nine steps; or, three time nine is twenty seven.
Compared with forty two days
Twenty seven feels like heaven.
And two and seven is nine.
Only nine days then. That’s fine.

But a lot can happen in nine days to my kind.
My wife could go off with that prick who’s always eyeing her bum
(She thinks I don’t know);
My kids could be missing school (as well as me);
My old mum might finally die in the night in her home
(which isn’t home at all for my old mum);
And me, well even nine days might drive me mad.

Forty two days less three.
Plenty of time to lose  my mind –
And all I have, or ever had.